“Business-Dialog” CJSC and “Business News” LLC, on April 27, in “Central Hotel” organized the event under the title “Current aspects of anti-fraud products and services.”

The event was attended by Director of Business Dialog, doctor of Legal Sciences Yenok Azaryan, the representative of the organization of industrial development of the United Nations in Armenia (UNIDO) Anahit Simonyan, head of Food Safety Inspectorate Georgi Avetisyan, President of the Russian organization for quality, doctor of economic Sciences and engineering, Professor, laureate of the State prize in science and technology of the USSR and the Russian Federation Gennady Voronin, the regional Director of certification Association “Russian Register” Alexander Sankov, Chairman of consumers Association Armen Poghosyan, large manufacturers and companies providing services, doctors, lawyers, scientists, experts and others.

The opening speech was made by Yenok Azaryan, who noted that the purpose of the event is to improve the efficiency of quality control and safety of products and services, informing consumers about counterfeit goods circulating in the market, the implementation of the strategy to combat counterfeiting, the creation of a methodological framework to counter fraudulent products and services, legal-comparative analysis of the establishment and application of the necessary means of legal influence in the sale of counterfeit products, prospects of its improvement for the effective detection and suppression of offenses.

The welcoming speech was made by Anahit Simonyan and on behalf of the organization of industrial development of the United Nations (UNIDO) in Armenia expressed gratitude to the organizers for organizing such events, noted the importance of combating counterfeit products and services, as well as the provision of technical assistance not only to Countries but also to the private sector, manufacturers and service providers. She noted the importance and advantages of quality infrastructures and the introduction of international standards that contribute to the production of quality products and services, promoting both their exports and the image of the country.

President of the Russian Academy of Quality Gennady Voronin noted that it is important to once again voice the problem of falsification of the quality of goods and services, which many companies face today. He remembered how 45 years ago in Armenia he received his first lesson about quality. “There was a heat, June, and  kvass was sold, I approached, the young man pours me kvass, I see that the Cup is incomplete, I ask why you do not fill,- I do not fill, but I sell high-quality kvass”. The problem has two sides — in one case, some companies produce low-quality goods in order to obtain super profits, in the other case, the products have already acquired a good reputation companies falsify and present in the worst quality other companies. The second problem is often faced by companies that produce intellectual property. The TV company is one of the latter, whose products are sold in social networks by hackers, thus receiving several times more super-profits than the manufacturer itself.

Gennady Voronin believes: “Globalization makes itself felt, but this is a problem of a purely human factor. Today there are technologies — how to protect products and intellectual property, and the country can only help”.

Georgy Avetisyan, head of Food Safety Inspectorate, also noted the importance of combating falsification of goods and services and that it is an integral part of their daily work. He also touched upon falsifications, noting that not always counterfeiting products can harm the consumer, but it is a fraud, citing the example of the production of dairy products, which uses milk powder and vegetable oil. Georgy Avetisyan also touched upon the press, noting its importance as an instrument of pressure on unscrupulous economic entities.

Alexander Sankov made a speech on International certification, noting how important it is for the production of quality products and services. However, currently there are organizations that simply “sell” certificates, and they can in no way be useful for the production of quality products. And certificates issued by international organizations, such as “Russian Register”, in accordance with the requirements of international standards, help to enter the international market.

Armen Poghosyan noted in his speech that ensuring the quality and safety of goods is a huge and boundless issue, the solution of which has been found for a long time, and it is the prompt and conscientious cooperation of state and non-governmental organizations. A lot of flaws, but we should also see progress in various industries: marking, laboratory tests, provision of services, accessibility of information etc.

At the end of the event, the regional Director of the Certification Association “Russian Register” Alexander Sankov presented certificates from the Certification Association “Russian Register” and the international certification network IQNet. On April 9-12, training on ISO 22000 “Food safety management systems. Requirements for any organization in the food chain” was held in the “Arame” hall of the Erebuni Plaza hotel. The course was conducted by the experts of the Certification Association “Russian Register”. Representatives of a number of leading organizations of the food industry of the Republic of Armenia (production of meat, dairy products, mineral water, confectionery, fruit and vegetable canned food) took part. The course discussed the requirements of the new international standard ISO 22000-2018 and the principles of hazard analysis and critical control points-HACCP. The participants who passed the training and successfully passed the exams were issued two of the above international certificates.